Wool carpet

The natural beauty of wool carpet, including its ability to yield clearer colors than do synthetics, comes from its complex fiber structure, totally unlike synthetic/plastic carpet fibers. Wool is the only carpet fiber that is naturally flame resistant. Wool meets flammability and low smoke emission standards that prove difficult for synthetic carpets to match.

The basic character of wool, admired for centuries, has not changed. Synthetic, or plastic carpets such as olefin, nylon, polyester, etc., need frequent cleaning. It’s a fact that soil from industrial emissions and petroleum sources, particularly those in the air, are attracted to the petro-chemical based synthetic fiber carpets. This can cause “greying” or dullness in traffic areas, requiring frequent cleaning. The appearance retention qualities of wool have long been known to makers of fine oriental rugs.

We carry the following wool carpets lines: Couristan, Woolshire, Robertex and Bellbridge.


  • Wool fiber is naturally more resilient than all other carpet fibers. As a result, wool will not matt or crush like other fibers.
  • Wool has a natural ability to shed water; an important characteristic considering that 80% of carpet stains are water-based.
  • Resist static electricity.
  • Protein in the wool’s constituents gives it excellent natural flame resistance. Natural wool fiber will not support combustion and is difficult to ignite and is self-extinguishable.
  • The wool fiber is made up of overlapping scales, arranged much like roof shingles, in an upward fashion. This natural arrangement keeps small particles of dirt near the surface where it can be easily released by vacuuming.
  • Another benefit of this arrangement aids in wool’s ability to resist wear and tear from abrasion.

Environment Benefits

  • A completely natural and renewable product.
  • Buying wool carpet advances wool production which benefit local farmers.

Brands we Carry

  • Robertex, Couristan, Woolshire, Masland, Langhorne