Tile styles

Another important consideration when choosing tile for a specific area is its surface. Highly polished, smooth tile can become very slippery when wet or very cold. It may not be wise to place this type of tile where it is likely to get wet such as a bathroom, kitchen or near a swimming pool.

There are products available to convert the finish into a non-skid surface but this is a permanent solution. It will completely remove the shine and may even alter the color. Grout color and thickness should also be carefully considered as it is also a very important aspect of your new tile floors overall appearance.

Grout of a contrasting color (such as white grout and dark gray tile) will accentuate the grid like pattern of each individual tile, where as a similar colored grout (think medium gray grout with dark gray tile) will give your floor a monochromatic look that will emphasize the entire floor as one unit. The thickness of the grout line is another way to customize your new floor. You can choose lines that are 1/8 “ to ½” depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Grout should always be properly sealed, following manufacturer recommendations, after it has cured to prevent permanent stains.

Tile is one of the easiest floors to personalize without increasing your budget. Create or define areas by using two different color tiles that match or complement each other. Direct traffic flow by creating the look of a runner with tile in an accent color. Consider laying tile at a 90 or 45 degree angle or using 4 smaller tiles to replace one large tile, randomly throughout the space. Personalization is capped only by the limit of your imagination.


  • One of the most durable flooring materials available
  • Moisture resistant
  • Lasts for several lifetimes
  • Some grades can be installed outside
  • Perfect option for entryways
  • Most suitable to high traffic areas susceptible to dirt or water
  • Many colors, textures, patterns and sizes available
  • Can be installed at any floor grade
  • One of the easiest surfaces to maintain
  • Easy to customize with out leaving price range
  • Does not support allergies or growth of bacteria
  • Contributes to healthy indoor air quality
  • Will not absorb odors
  • Will not burn or emit any toxic fumes
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Most will not stain
  • Withstands fading
  • Undamaged by water and steam
  • Does not absorb sound
  • Can be installed over radiant heat