Our Process

133_3358Our yarn is purchased in bulk from the same supplier for the past 20 years.  Our supplemental yarns (other than our standard 22 colors) are purchased from various sources, usually excess product from fine carpet mills.  Our process for building a rug goes as follows:

  • Our yarn is placed on our winding machines and unwound  from their cones onto smaller spools.
  • These smaller spools are then placed onto our 13 carriage tap machines where the yarn will be run into flat tapes about ¾ inch wide.
  • Since each rug is made to order, the tapes are then stored in our storage area unitl they are needed for specific braiding.
  • The tapes are then wound onto a different spool in preparation for braiding.  This is only done when we have an order for a rug or we are making stock rugs.
  • Once an order comes in, our order supervisor will figure out how much of each color braid will be necessary for the rug being built.  Using our historical database of rug design and sizes, the supervisor will determine exactly how many feet of braid are needed in each color of the rug.
  • The spools of tape will then be placed on our 3 carriage braiding machines (from one to three colors) and run for the specific length as is necessary to build rug.
  • When braids are completed and placed in a barrel, the barrel will be brought to the sewing tables to be hand sewn.  The sewer will lay out the braids on the table to ensure that everything looks good, and then start the sewing.
  • When the rug has been completed, the rug goes through a quality inspection process to ensure that the highest quality standards have been met.