Braided Rugs

146_4677Our braided rugs are of the highest quality you can purchase and are manufactured right on site here in North Oxford.   The rugs are manufactured in the exact same manner, with the same quality materials as when we began more than 50 years ago.

Our rugs are hand sewn flat braids made from the finest wool/nylon blended yarn.  We pride ourselves on our ability to make oval and round rugs to the specific size and color combination that our customer desires.  We have over 50 existing patterns in house and can customize each of those patterns to specifically suit your needs.  Our color palette includes 22 standard colors and we always have odd stock wool yarns in house that can be used to compliment our standard color palette.

We invite you to come in, tour our manufacturing facility and work with us on your braided rug needs.  See why people have been coming back to us for rugs for more than 50 years.