Laminate Basics

tarkettlino4Laminate flooring is essentially made in the same manner by almost all manufacturers.  There are 3 basic layers to each floor:

  • The surface wear layer contains the design and protection built into the laminate floor.  This layer is created by taking a very high quality photograph and “pressing” it to a melamine laminate. The finished piece then has a protective layer applied to it – usually an aluminum oxide finish.
  • The first layer is then glued to the center, or core layer of the laminate board.  This core can be made out of many materials, mostly MDF (fiberboard).  A quality manufacturer will only sell laminates with the highest level of cores.
  • The backing of the laminate floor can be made of paper, melamine or plastic.  This is the side of the laminate that touches the floor.

All three of these layers are fused together by heat and either direct or high pressure.