Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile flooring is a catch all phrase for all sorts of tile flooring encompassing ceramics, porcelain, marble, granite and natural stone.  At North Oxford Mills, we carry all types of ceramic flooring.  Most of what we have on the floor are porcelain tiles.  Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic made of a very fine mixture of clays and minerals similar to those found in fine dinnerware. These special clays allow porcelain tile to be fired at temperatures even higher than ceramic tile, typically exceeding 2,400 degrees (F). The higher temperature results in a very dense tile. And the denser a tile, the better it resists moisture.

The ceramic tile business is a very fractured business.  There are literally thousands of tile producers, importers and distributors offering an unlimited amount of choices for the consumer.  At North Oxford Mills, we have agreements with multiple distributors offering hundreds of styles.  If we don’t have a particular style in house, we would meet with you at one of our distributors locations to view further options.